Vittorio Ceccoli Jewelry Design was established in 2012, debuting with a line of high fashion bijoux as well as unique pieces, like the replica of Queen’s Freddie Mercury’s crown, precious chessboards, masks and flashy accessories, and jewelry for everyday life. Vittorio’s main source of inspiration is Nature, in fact you will often find animals, flowers, insects in his works. He started up in his home basement, adapted as an underground lab; later, a nice atelier / workshop was set up, both for better working conditions and customer convenience. What’s peculiar in this artist is, he never draws rough drafts of his works: his inspiration takes shape directly into the chosen material, through successive prototypes that lead to the eventual final piece. That MO takes a lot of workmanship, which only comes with years and years of experience. Favorite materials are brass (an easily pliable semiprecious alloy), and Swarowski or Preciosa stones. After the welding, which gives objects their “life”, a galvanic bath provides the desired color, whether it’s gold, silver, palladium or black. Each stone’s embedding is the final step. To Vittorio, jewelry designing isn’t just about a particular shape: it’s about finding the right tool to transform an inspiration into an object. Art, as he suggests, is the power of sharing emotions.





This summer and young line is inspired by Greece and in particular it is dedicated to the island of Alonnisos. The color of Swarovski acquamarine stones recalls the beautiful beaches and especially the color of the sea, where the waves ripple. It’s a very elegant and refined line with the use of genuine Swarovski crystals.