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Dopo anni di esperienza sul campo, Vittorio Ceccoli decide di realizzare un progetto tutto suo e fondare un proprio marchio. Oggetti unici, un lusso esclusivo che si muove con ironia e armonia sul corpo di donne decise ed indipendenti, sempre pronte a farsi notare. Le forme sono ricche, maestose, rifinite con pietre e curati particolari.

Credits: Giulia Fucile, Ivana Stroscio, Noemi Moschella

Vittorio Ceccoli is an Italian Jewelry designer based in Bologna. Every jewel is entirely hand-made and Nichel-free (hypoallergenic) and outline the made in Italy craftsmanship obtained by years and years of experience. Nature is Vittorio’s main source of inspiration and you will often find animals, flowers and insects in his works. His inspiration takes shape directly into the chosen material, through successive prototypes that lead to the eventual final piece, he never draws rough drafts of his works. To Vittorio, jewelry designing isn’t just about a particular shape: it’s about finding the right tool to transform an inspiration into an object. Art, as he suggests, is the power of sharing emotions.





This summer and young line is inspired by Greece and in particular it is dedicated to the island of Alonnisos. The color of Swarovski acquamarine stones recalls the beautiful beaches and especially the color of the sea, where the waves ripple. It’s a very elegant and refined line with the use of genuine Swarovski crystals.