About Me



Born in 1976 in Bologna, where he actually lives and works, he studied at the Bologna Art Institute. Since childhood, he received a great creative attitude, and, during following years, he developed his talent basing on a bursting originality and on an inexhaustible creativity. He is now specialized in handcrafting furnishing pieces and bijoux with scrupulous care of details, assempling together metals and stones to obtain innovative designs.


From 1997 to 2012, he worked for an Italian leading comany in the field of high fashion accessories design and manufacturing; during this period, he assiduosly worked in a metal-crafted accessories laboratory, focusing on the creation of bijoux and decorations for high fashion bags and shoes. His works of art have been frequently worn in occasion of important fashion shows.


Tireless worker, during the first 15 years of formation he spent most of his free time in his private laboratory, inventing and creating new shapes until the dead of the night. Here, in a small and modest room of his apartment, Vittorio gave life to his first line of jewelry, VAMP, expression of an incandescent artistic flame eager to embody a tabgible existence. 

He left the company where he worked for 15 years in 2012 and, basing on the knowledge and the skills gained in the field, he soon after founded the Vittorio Ceccoli Jewelry Design. Today, Vittorio (Vitti, as best friends use to call him) crafts jewels by his own in a conscious way, offering to customers several high couture creations arisen from his visionary imagery, made of irony and shapes excerpted from that border where harmony of nature and merciless of street life orchestrate a subtle balanced melancholy.

The pathway begins here: the merging point of craftmanships and passion.

Vittorio Ceccoli realises prototypes and unique pieces for fashion show & industries. Interested in co-branding partnership.